UTV Race Series

TexPlex UTV Race Series 2020

$110,000 Guaranteed SERIES PURSE!

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UTV Race Series

TexPlex UTV Race Safety Requirements

DOT Helmet
Mounted Fire Extinguisher
4 or 5-point Harness
Full Cover Doors
Fire Suit
We do not tolerate overly aggressive racing.
We staff a certified EMT for each race.


881 Miller Road Midlothian, TX 76065





TexPlex UTV Race Series Rules

2020 TexPlex UTV Racing Series Final Rules

The following rules and regulations are solely applicable to the TexPlex Texas UTV Racing series events. Please direct any questions to TexPlex Park.

    1. Format: UTV/SXS racing will follow a 2Moto format (MX).
      1. How long is a moto, and how is it scored?
      2. Once the green flag drops, each moto lasts up to thirty minutes or a maximum of 6 Laps. Number of Laps will be pre-determined at each event based on overall length of the track layout. All classes race two motos (except 170), and the scores from each moto are combined to determine the overall winner. Points are awarded for each moto, starting at twenty-five for first place, twenty-two for second, twenty for third, and so on. In the case of a tie in total points for the day, the rider who finishes higher in the second moto gets the advantage. At the end of the season, the racer with the most points is awarded the TexPlex SXS Showdown Championship.
  • There are several flags that you will see waving throughout the day. The green flag signifies the start of the race on the opening lap. The yellow flag is a caution flag to signify a disabled racer or obstruction on the course, but unlike in most other racing series, the yellow flag does mean that riders cannot pass each other. No Passing under a yellow flag. The red flag stops the race if there is a problem on the track. The blue flag with a yellow stripe is shown to lapped riders to warn them to move over as they are being overtaken by the leaders. The white flag signifies one lap to go, and the checkered flag, the one every racer wants to see first, means the race is over.
  1. Minimum Age Requirement
    1. Competitors (drivers and passengers) must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the event. Competitors under 18 are allowed if accompanied by parent or guardian.
    2. All drivers are responsible for their actions as well as their entire pit crew.
  • TexPlex does not provide medical insurance for its Competitors, and we strongly urge you to not compete without it. Medical Insurance is the sole responsibility of the Competitor and Passenger.
    1. PRO TURBO: 1000cc : (Professional) UTV Production Model. Engine and suspension modifications are permitted. Turbochargers and Turbo upgrades are permitted. Nitrous systems are not allowed. N/A 1000cc UTV Production Model is allowed to compete in this class, however, a Turbo Production Model is not allowed in the PRO N/A class.
    2. PRO N/A: 1000cc: UTV Production Naturally Aspirated Model. Engine and suspension modifications are permitted. Turbochargers, Nitrous systems or Superchargers are not allowed.
    3. TURBO OPEN: (Intermediate or Expert) Engine and suspension modifications are permitted. Turbochargers and Turbo upgrades are permitted. Nitrous systems are not allowed.
    4. N/A OPEN: (Intermediate or Expert) UTV Production Model. Engine and suspension modifications are permitted. Turbochargers and Nitrous systems are not allowed.
    5. TURBO AMATEUR: (Beginner or Novice) Engine and suspension modifications are permitted. Turbochargers and Turbo upgrades are permitted. Nitrous systems are not allowed.
    6. N/A AMATEUR: (Beginner or Novice) UTV Production Model. Engine and suspension modifications are permitted. Turbochargers and Nitrous systems are not allowed.
    7. UNDER 1000cc: (Novice to Intermediate) Any UTV/SXS that is equipped with a 999cc or less is permitted. Engine and suspension modifications are permitted. Turbochargers and Nitrous systems are not allowed.
    8. SENIORS (Novice to Intermediate) This class is for 45+ year old competitors only. UTV Production Model. Engine and suspension modifications are permitted. Turbochargers and Turbo upgrades are permitted. Nitrous systems are not allowed.
    9. 170: (Beginner to Intermediate) This class is for up to 12 year old competitors only. UTV Production 170cc Model. Engine and suspension modifications are permitted. Turbochargers and Turbo upgrades are Not permitted. Nitrous systems are Not allowed.
    1. The following equipment is required for ALL UTV/SXS machines:
      1. Full Roll Cage; Factory Roll cages are allowed.
      2. Door Panels must be fastened and provide Full-Coverage (No half doors)
  • Silencer or Aftermarket Muffler is required.
  1. Charged Fire Extinguisher clearly mounted and easily retrievable by staff or officials.
  2. Key On/Off that shuts off the engine is required.
  3. All UTV/SXS must have body plastics fastened. No exposed areas.
  • All Machines are subject to be examined and tested by officials at any time prior to, during or after the event, and may be disqualified if found to be in violation.
  1. The following Gear is Required for all competitors.
    1. Minimum 4-Point Harness restraints securely fastened on both driver/passenger at all times.
    2. Helmet with protective eyewear.
  • SFI fire retardant Suit (1 or 2 piece).
  1. Footwear is required, no open toe shoes.
  2. All Competitors with an assigned race number must be displayed on a colored number plate mounted on the front and Passenger side of the race machine. Additionally, an assigned transponder (for scoring) is required. These transponders will be available for sale or rent at each event.
    1. Pre-Registration is highly recommended for all classes. You may Pre-Enter the event by calling (972) 752-2223 and speak to our staff. In the event of a re-schedule or cancellation, the Pre-Entry will be moved to the next scheduled event. Gates and Registration will remain open thru Saturday 8am prior to the event starting.
    2. Event fees are as follows:
      1. All PRO TURBO or PRO N/A $250.00 per class
      2. All other classes (except 170) $100 per class
  • 170 class
  1. Gate Fee:
    1. All Vehicles: $20
    2. Dry Camping: $25 per night
    1. Driver’s Meeting will be conducted at a designated DRIVER’S Meeting area and is mandatory for every competitor. We will discuss track conditions, staging procedure, flagging, and any other pertinent information that is necessary for the event.
    2. Staging will be a computer-generated starting order and will be conducted by our staff. Each competitor will be called up by his/her Race number and will be allowed to pick the starting position on the line. If you have not been called by our staff, you are not allowed to be on the starting line. Additionally, please note, staging will be conducted immediately following the Green Flag start of the race in front of you. Please be prompt and ready.
    3. We will allow the switching of vehicles after a race if you plan to compete in multiple classes. However, that means you must have the second vehicle at staging and ready to go. We will not hold up a race to make any mechanical adjustments or fueling. Please be ready!
    4. The start of the race will be a LIVE ENGINE START.
      1. Competitors will start from their designated row.
      2. The official will hold up the 15 second board, and the board will drop signaling that the race is about to start. The official will waive the Green Flag signaling the start.
  • Competitors starting before the Green Flag has been waived will be penalized.
  1. The UTV/SXS that a competitor leaves the starting line with is the official UTV/SXS for that race/moto and may not be switched at any time during that race/moto.
  1. The COURSE
    1. Our UTV/SXS courses consist of several different tracks including,
      1. Short Course – Approximately 2 miles that include motocross style jumps, whoops, and big bowl turns.
      2. Mid-Course – Approximately 4 miles that include motocross style jumps, long straights and tighter tree sections.
  • Long Course- Approximately 10 miles that include long straightaways where speeds are increased. Natural terrain elevations that include Jumps and off-camber turns.
  1. The courses will be marked with tape/arrows to ensure the direction of the course. No exiting the courses, unless its due to a mechanic/safety situation. Please check your surroundings to make sure it is safe to exit in the event of an emergency.
  2. Pre-Race course inspection is available prior to the event and on race day. Competitors are permitted to walk the course.
  3. Marking, cutting, tampering or otherwise changing the course in any manner is strictly prohibited. Course modifications may only be marked by an official.
    1. Scoring will be thru Trackside support, which is the official scoring procedure for all TexPlex events.
    2. There will be one checkpoint at the finish line. UTV/SXS’s must pass thru our Finish Line Tower in order to be scored.
    3. Transponders will be available for sale or rent.
    1. While we strive to create a great spectator experience, the racecourse is closed to spectators, pit crew, photographer or anyone trying to enter the course that is not a competitor. Viewing areas are setup along the course and at the Finish Line area.
    2. The posted Speed Limit within any area except the actual racecourse is 25mph.
    3. If a competitor leaves the racecourse for any reason, they must re-enter where it left the course.
    4. Teams may make repairs along the course, as long as it can be made without causing interference with other competitors and in a safe area off the racecourse.
    5. Internal Radio communication is permitted between drivers/passengers in the same UTV/SXS and their respective Pit Crews. No communication is allowed from UTV/SXS to UTV/SXS
    6. Reckless Driving in any such manner will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification. Reckless driving may include deliberate ramming, blocking, or intentional contact with another team or competitor.
    7. Team tactics are prohibited and may result in drivers, team members or even spectators being penalized, disqualified or removal and suspension from TexPlex.
    8. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Persons whose appearance, conduct, associations or affiliations, on or off the track, deemed harmful or not conducive to the best interest of the sport or who exhibit conduct which is inappropriate, offensive, abrasive or in bad taste, may be excluded or suspended from TexPlex at the discretion of the Race Director. Competitors engaged in any event, public appearance, social media activity or any other situation relating to their participation in our TexPlex SXS race series must refrain from intentional physical contact, inappropriate or foul language, fraud, or any form of unsportsmanlike conduct. At the sole discretion of TexPlex, competitors who exhibit deemed inappropriate or unsportsmanlike conduct, prejudicial or detrimental to the best interest of the sport, or detract from the enjoyment, appreciation or interest of the spectators, sponsors or other supporters of the sport, may be penalized by monetary fine, docking of championship points, or both. Such penalties are not subject to protest or appeal.
    1. The race officially ends for all competitors at the completion of the final lap in which the checkered flag is displayed.
    2. To be considered as having completed the lap or race, the racer and his machine must cross the finish line scoring plane of the checkered flag.
    3. Towing is not allowed. Racers who’s disabled UTV/SXS that are towed back to the pit area by staff or otherwise, are not eligible to return to competition, unless it was only towed only a short distance in order to dislodge the UTV/SXS from a track obstacle. Ie; mud, deep rut, etc.
    4. Racers will be scored in order of their finish and number of laps completed. It is not necessary to complete all laps in order to receive a score.
    5. Awards are presented to the top 3 finishers of each class, with a minimum of 4 entries per class.
    6. Each competitor will have a “drop” race. In order to qualify for a drop, the racer must drop your two lowest point gross motos during the season to reach your final point total calculated for the Championship. Please note that you may not drop the final race of the year, July 19th, 2019.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to TexPlex Park directly at (972) 752-2223

9am “New to Racing” Meeting
Safety Overview (Gear, Flagging, Terminology)
Intro to Race Day (Practice, Staging, Racing)
Driving Tips and Tricks
Car Set-up​​

We create a welcoming environment for beginners. Ask us questions.

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